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Gathering information in hard to access places doesn't get much easier than from the air. With the help of longer focal length lenses, we can get detailed information of your ongoing projects. Accessing and documenting from aerial platforms is getting more and more common and we are proud to be able to provide these services for reasonable prices.

Inspection and surveying Drone services

Thermal imagery Search and rescue operation


Thermal Imagery | Documenting | Terrain Coverage

Familiar with British-Columbia's great outdoors, the Flow Motion Aerials team is ready to join a Search and Rescue team to help them with their searches. 


Surveying | Mapping | 3D Modelling

With the help of staff technological knowledge, your visions and FMA's aircrafts, we can help you document your project. Whether you need bigger scale surveying, 2D mapping or 3D modelling, we are ready to help you for affordable prices. Click on the Play button and explore the potential of 3D modelling. 

Find out more about our UAV services.